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Active Honey Co Antiseptic Honey Active 20+ – 3 x 30g tube TRIPLE PACK


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Triple Pack – Antiseptic Honey Active 20+ – 3 x 30g tube

This great value triple pack of Antiseptic Honey, gives you 3 tubes of Active 20+ tube, containing all the goodness of Rainforest Active honey from the Chilean rainforests, which has been tested in Ireland to fight against infections.
Certified to an Active 20+ rating, this product is designed to be topically applied to cleaned wounds, infected cuts, ulcers and sores.
Clean and dry the affected area and then smooth a thin layer of this product over the top, then apply a non-medicated dressing. Clean and re-dress the affected area, daily until normal skin returns.
3 x 30g tubes contained within this pack.

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